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for Beginners
with Gyongyi from Down to Earth Yoga

Yoga teacher meditate under a tree. Gyongyi Liu, yoga teacher

Namaste and Sat Nam my friends!

My name is Gyongyi. I am qualified and fully insured Yoga teacher. My life purpose is to share yoga with everyone who lets me .

I mainly teach beginners yoga. My aim and mission is to show that yoga is for everyBODY. It is for every shape and size, with no exception.

I practice yoga for over 10 years and teach it for over 5 years. I've had a long break from yoga due to health reasons, which I have learnt to live together now. Well, more or less. If you cannot change your circumstances, change your attitude to the conditions of your life. 

In the light of this thoughts, I have decided to re-start teaching yoga. We are all on the same path, we'd like to make the most out of what we've been given. 

I invite you to join me on this journey. Let's discover our truth and self-worth together.


 You have to be in LOVE with yourself, otherwise it's all just a big lie

Classes are on Tuesday evenings at 7.35 @China Spirit UK, 150 Birkenhead Road, Wallasey, CH44 7JN

Bring 1 piece of Fruit or Vegetable in exchange for the class

Lotus mudra, female kundalini yogi

Keep Up - One of the main principles of Kundalini Yoga
Keep Up and You'll be Kept Up


"Keeping up is not about self, it is about keeping up in spite of your ‘self.’ Keep up for yourself (in spite of yourself), keep up for others, keep up for every situation, and keep up even when you cannot keep up. It is the definition of commitment and it works in every aspect of life to establish the vibration of trust, honour, courage and compassion." Yogi Bhajan



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