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Kung Fu/Wushu

Our new grading system has been implemented to provide a clear structure within the club, and to demonstrate the pathway students must follow to make progress  within the sport.

The China Spirit UK grading system is in line with grading system of the European Wushu Federation and equivalent with the traditional Chinese Grading system for Wushu.


There will be opportunities for students to undertake formal grading examinations at various times throughout the year, and to receive certificates of achievement. Undertaking formal grading will allow students to progress both within the club and within the sport of Shaolin Kung Fu (Wushu).

Bronze Eagle

Bronze Eagle students should attend one Bronze Eagle class a week (or more, if they wish), working towards achieving their 5th, 4th and 3rd Ji Grades.

Children up to the age of 14 can attend any of Bronze Eagle classes.          

Adults and young people aged 14 and over can attend the Bronze Eagle adult class on Wednesdays.

Bronze Eagle students aged 13 to 14 can decide which class they feel more comfortable to attend.


White T-Shirt

5th Ji (level)

Yellow T-Shirt

4th Ji (level)

Blue T-Shirt

Silver Eagle

All Silver Eagle students are encouraged to attend Silver Eagle classes per week, + Weapon training working towards achieving their 2nd and 1st Ji grades.

Students are allowed to attend only one class per week if they wish, but may not progress as quickly as those attending two or more classes

Silver Eagle students are also encouraged to attend Weapons classes on Tuesdays and/or Saturdays; Acrobatic Kung Fu classes on Saturdays and Stretching sessions on Tuesdays.

Students should note that weapons training will now ONLY be done in the Weapons class.

Students should ideally be training for six hours per week in order to make progress.

3rd Ji (level

Red T-Shirt

2nd Ji (level)

Green T-Shirt

Gold Eagle

All Gold Eagle students should attend Gold Eagle class working towards achieving their Duan Grades.

Gold Eagle students should also attend Acrobatic Kung Fu classes, Weapons classes, San Shou and Lion Dance training. Lion Dance training is free of charge.

Students should ideally be training for between eight and twelve hours per week (including private practice) in order to make progress.

Gold Eagle students are expected to take an active role in the club. Students are encouraged to support Bronze Eagle classes as assistant instructors. Students should discuss this further with Master.

Gold Eagle Students are expected to take part in Lion Dance and Kung Fu performances and / or workshops.

1st Ji (level)

Burgundy Polo Shirt

1st Duan

Light Blue Polo Shirt

2nd Duan

Black-Orange Polo Shirt

3rd Duan

Red-Black Polo Shirt

1) 1st Duan Basic level

2) 1st Duan Intermediate level

3) 1st Duan Advanced level

1) 2nd Duan Basic level

2) 2nd Duan Intermediate level

3) 2nd Duan Advanced level

1) 3rd Duan Basic level

2) 3rd Duan Intermediate level

3) 3rd Duan Advanced level

4th Duan

Polo Shirt TBC

5th Duan

Polo Shirt TBC

6th Duan

Polo Shirt TBC

1) 4th Duan Basic level

2) 4th Duan Intermediate level

3) 4th Duan Advanced level

1) 6th Duan Basic level

2) 6th Duan Intermediate level

3) 6th Duan Advanced level

1) 5th Duan Basic level

2) 5th Duan Intermediate level

3) 5th Duan Advanced level

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