Xingbo Liu, the founder of the organization, is a 6th Duan Chinese Martial Arts Master who trained in the Shaolin Temple, in China. He teaches Tai Chi, Kung Fu and SanShou together with his 25 year old daughter, Huicong, who was also trained in China for over 10 years before she moved over to England.

Our organisation has been set up to deliver a range of activities to improve health and well-being to all age groups from children to adults.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and Wushu, San Shou (Chinese Kick Boxing), Yoga, Mandarin Language, Traditional Lion Dance, Calligraphy


The activities delivered by the organisation focus on eastern techniques and methods and aim to offer a unique alternative to more traditional and common activities people use to maintain their health and fitness. Our methods intend to embrace the health in its widest sense and concentrate on improving the mind as well as the body; approaching health in this way provides longer lasting benefits and more sustainable well-being.

In addition to promoting health and well-being the wider goal of our organisation is to help educate people on Chinese culture so they can better understand this community. By improving people's knowledge of Chinese people we hope to build better relationships between British and Chinese communities. 

For the first time adults and youngsters on the Wirral and in Liverpool can be taught by a real Martial Arts Master, Shaolin Temple trained. Can you imagine you and your children benefiting from world class tuition in the original, purest form of the art of Kung Fu and Tai Chi - Qi Gong, enjoying the cultural aspects of a society very different from ours?

Teaching focuses on the ethos of the ancient arts - self-discipline, a healthy lifestyle and restraint: qualities that are fundamental to the development of good young citizens, rather than the drug-taking, vandalising alternative sub-culture.

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