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Chinese Medicine Treatmet

You can now book Chinese Medical Massage, Paediatric meridian therapy and Cupping treatments with Iga. Iga (ee-gah) is a qualified acupuncturist with a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine. 

Iga has a Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine (with distinction) from the only program in the UK supported by the prestigious international Confucius Institute, hosted until recently at the London South Bank University.

She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and a regional support group coordinator for Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. She has published in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, and regularly peer reviews articles, as well as contributing to the profession’s quarterly magazine, “Acu”.

“I love being an acupuncturist and seeing my skills and knowledge make a difference in people’s lives. Each person's story is different: no two headaches, no two knee pains or low moods are exactly alike, which is why the holistic nature of Chinese Medicine is so well-suited to addressing an individual’s needs."


Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of healing, which involves much more than acupuncture. Iga also offers a range of non-needle therapies, ranging from very gentle treatments suitable for babies to deep-reaching treatments that will massage away your tension and pain.

Tui Na - Chinese Acupressure Massage

Massage - Tui Na

Iga practises Tui Na, which is Chinese medical massage. Your body is massaged and kneaded, dissolving tension in your muscles. You will emerge deeply relaxed, feeling looser and with increased mobility.

At the same time, Tui Na Massage is one step in the larger picture of healing. It stimulates particular acupressure points and may focus on meridians that need special attention. The goal of Tui Na is to not only affect the muscle tissue, but also affect change onto the internal organs and the Mind-Spirit.


You may receive holistic tongue-and-pulse diagnosis as well as Chinese-Medicine-based lifestyle and posture advice.

Tui Na

Cupping and Cupping Massage

Cupping is the treatment of choice for persistent coughs and chest congestion, it can also be very useful in many cases of back pain or shoulder pain. Athletes may use cupping to help sore muscles recover quicker, in fact Olympic swimmers made headlines in 2016 by featuring cupping marks on their backs!

Cupping can also aid with detoxification, as it strongly stimulates circulation and drives impurities outwards from within.

Cupping does not hurt and only safe, vacuum cups will be used.

Cups can be used either in a stationary way, or as Cupping Massage, or Slide Cupping. It is “a massage in reverse”, as vacuum suction rather than downward pressure is used to massage the body

Chinese Cupping Massage Treatment


This is a key part of acupuncture, in fact the Chinese term for “acupuncture”, 灸 (zhen jiu), means "needle and moxibustion". 


Moxibustion is a very pleasant heat therapy, where a lit stick of compressed herb artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) is moved over specific areas of the body

Chinese Moxibustion Treatment

Paediatric treatments

Most of the treatments are non-invasive and rely on teaching you, the parents, what to do at home, while we meet at fortnightly intervals to monitor progress and re-assess the necessary techniques.

The children’s Qi is very quick and malleable : they can get sick as well as get better very quickly. Because of this, children are a joy to treat and substantial results get be achieved with relatively modest intervention.

Paediatric treatments may involve:

  • Paediatric Tui Na massage

  • Paediatric Shonishin: gentle scraping and tapping in particular areas and at specific points

  • Moxibustion: heat applied directly or indirectly, usually very pleasant

  • Cupping

  • Dermal plasters and ear seeds: tiny plasters that are left for anywhere between a few hours to a few days to continue stimulating an acupoint

Chinese Paediatric Tui Na Treatment for Babie s and Children



£56 for two people from one family if treated the same week

For more info, please get in touch with Iga. (Contact details are below.)

Introductory offers:

a) a free 10 minute consultation about what Chinese Medicine treatments can do for you 

b) 15 minute back and shoulders massage for £10.

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