The Government now allow gyms and other indoor sport establishment to open their door to the public on 25th July 2020.

After careful consideration and research we have came to the decision that we cannot yet open our door to our members. Our venue is not big enough to safely accommodate, in line with government advice, more than 3 or 4 students nor we can implement a one way system in the centre or at leaving and entering the venue.

We will keep the schedule we have in place at the moment (with slight changes) both online and for the sessions in the parks.
We will let you know about the changes in the next couple of days.

One to One or Two (three) to one private sessions are available inside our centre, please get in touch for further information, times and prices.

We will update you on a regular basis, please keep your eyes on Facebook, Instagram, emails and our website



Tai Chi sessions

Wednesdays 12 pm

Thursdays 7 pm

Saturdays 2 pm


Tai Chi Sessions

Form 1, 2 and  Step 26

Monday 12 pm

Form 1, 2

Friday 12 pm


Kung Fu stretching  strengthening



Wednesday 2 pm Saturday 4 pm 

Instructors @ChinaSpiritUK, a Shaolin Temple trained real McCoy Master Xingbo Liu and his daughter, Huicon Liu
China Spirit UK's Instructors

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