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Healing sound bath with wendy


Date: TBC


DAte for next sound bath

24th May 2020

11 am - 3 pm

Please bring your own pillow/cushion and blanket/duvet and dress warmly. Coffee, herbal teas, cakes are provided in break times.

Investment:  £20

To reserve your place you need to pay £5 non-refundable deposit. Please pay the deposit through PayPal to (Friends and family option to avoid PayPal fees)or you can pay cash @ China Spirit UK centre. If you wish to pay by bank transfer please get in touch for details


What is a sound bath?

You lie comfortably on cushions and blankets , you drift away to the vibrations of voice toning with the shruti box ( an ancient droning wind instrument, used by Tibetan monks.) , singing bowls, gongs, bells, drums and other beautiful vibrational instruments. The vibrations of the instruments interact with your own vibrations and resonance, lifting and relaxing you, sometimes taking you to places you have never been before.
It is a truly beautiful experience. Most of my clients return and use sound as a maintenance tool towards well being.


About your facilitator


My name is Wendy Ruddock , but everyone calls me Woo. My background is counselling. I am a Reiki master and Sound Therapist. I trained to higher diploma level in Sound therapy with Tim Wheater 10 years ago. Tim was originally a student of Jonathan Goldman, the Father of Sound Healing.Sound therapy is the love of my life. When I originally started it was relatively unheard of as a healing modality and confined to London and the south. I am pleased that it is now flourishing in the north. I continue to research and develop my practice to bring relaxing helpful and interesting experiences for all my clients. I look forward to working with your resonance and vibration.


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