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Membership cover valid for one year.


About insurance cover

1) The British Council For Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) insurance states that instructors can only coach BCCMA members or officiate in BCCMA competitions. ​

2) After four (4) taster sessions the students are expected to become member of China Spirit UK and the BCCMA, if they wish to continue to train. The probationary students are not covered by the PA insurances until they become members of the BCCMA.​

3) If an instructor allows a non-member student to attend their BCCMA sessions beyond the four taster sessions, the instructor is at risk of invalidating their instructor's PL/PI insurance.


MEMBERSHIP gives you:

1) Membership to the China Spirit UK Chinese Cultural, Health & Well-being Center -

2) Membership to The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA),

3) European Wushu Federation (EWUF)

4) International Wushu Federation (IWUF)-


5) World class tuition by a Shaolin Temple trained real Martial Arts Master with over 30 years of teaching experience- Insurance: member to member;

6) Member's insurance

7) discounted prices for classes, events and workshops-

8) Compete in tournament on national and international level as a China Spirit UK Team Member

Membership renewal for existing members

  • Membership fee, which includes insurance,  is not refundable. 

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