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Welcome to China Spirit UK

We, here at China Spirit UK, pride ourself that we run a family friendly business. 

We are confident that you will like our sessions, so we invite you to try our 4 steps introduction to our club.

Whether you're a real newbie or a seasoned black belt, our classes serve everyone. Our lessons are a perfect balance of traditional and modern, which means you get the best of both worlds in your quest to learn this art form.

Our timetable here

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Your first session is only £5. There's no string attached, just come and try a session you are interested in. 

Wear something comfortable, t-shirt and tracksuit bottom or short.

Our training area is strictly no outdoor shoes, so please bring with you a clean canvas  pumps or you can train in socks/barefeet.

To book your first trial session click here

Do you still need more time to decide to be part of our community?

No problem!

There's still no string attached on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th sessions. 


Just head to our SHOP to register for your next 3 sessions. We offer them to you with a very generous discount:

£15 for all 3 sessions (instead of £24)

Step 3

We are happy to welcome you aboard.

In this step you actually become a member of our community and our club

This includes:

- Annual membership to China Spirit UK

- Annual Membership to the  British Council For Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA)

- Annual members insurance

- Club T-shirt

- You are eligable for discounts for events, etc. organized by China Spirit UK

All this for only £45

Step 4

This is your fourth and final step to become a China Spirit UK member.


You decide now how you want to make payments for your training.

There are three options available:

Option 1)

Pay-as-you-go / Get your "Single" tickets before the session in our website's shop

Option 2)

Pay monthly with a recurring pricing plan

Choose the most suitable pricing plan HERE

Option 3)

Pay upfront for 5 or 10 sessions to enjoy discount on class fees (5 sessions)  (10 sessions)

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